Only Local Digital Unit near The Promenade

#BB-8FE – Bolingbrook (Promenade Boughton & Janes) – Boughton Rd, NS, E/O Janes Ave, FE

This digital unit is located at the major local intersection of Boughton Rd and Janes Ave at the entrance to the Promenade. This unit offers a great head on read to westbound Boughton Rd. It is surrounded by several major retail, dining and nightlife area, including The Promenade stores as well as IKEA, Bass Pro Shop, Macy’s, Meijer and a movie theater.


Size: 8'H x 16'W - Digital
Weekly Impressions: 146,402
ZIP Code: 60440


Latitude: 41.72320
Longitude: -88.03940
GeoPath ID: 30640017