Target Joliet, Plainfield, Shorewood Area

#IMP-18FS – Route 59, WS, at Theodore, FS - Digital

This digital unit is located along the major retail and new growth area of Hwy 59 in the Joliet, Plainfield, Shorewood area. In addition to several new retail stores and restaurants, this area has a large amount of new home development activity. This digital location serves as the only billboard (static or digital) within miles along Route 59 and one of the only out of home locations in this area to the west of Interstate 55, making it a highly desired unit.


Size: 8'H x 16'W - Digital
Weekly Impressions: 29,934  
ZIP Code: 60431


Latitude: 41.55080
Longitude: -88.20011
GeoPath ID: 30814008