Along High Demand I-88 Expressway

#MIF-88FE – I-88, S/S, E/O Eola Rd, F/E

This unit is located along the highly desirable I-88 Chicago area expressway, known as the Technology Corridor. This unit reaches commuters from Aurora and Naperville as well as traffic from high income communities of Batavia, St Charles, Geneva and further west – DeKalb which is home to Northern Illinois University. This unit is one of less than 15 total structures along the 100+ mile stretch of I-88 from beginning in the Chicago area to the end near the Iowa border.


Size: 14'H x 48'W - Digital
Weekly Impressions: 258,968  


Latitude: 41.80082
Longitude: -88.23377
GeoPath ID: 30640038